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We have invited some of the top names from the industry, academia, investors and clinicians in the domain of biopharmaceuticals.  Our goal is to help stimulate conversations across the board and which will result in long lasting collaborations.


Dr. Rajesh Gokhale

Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India

hari pujar_edited.jpg

Dr. Hari Pujar

Chief Operating Officer,

Tessera Therapeutics


Dr. George Church

Founding core faculty and Lead Synthetic Biology, Wyss Institute, Harvard University

Abhishek mathur.png

Dr. Abhishek Mathur

SVP and Head and RnD, Enzene Pvt Ltd

Dr. Mugdha Gadgil.jpg

Dr. Mugdha Gadgil

Principal Scientist, Chemical Engineering and Process Development, CSIR-NCL

Dr. Nimesh Gupta.jpg

Dr. Nimesh Gupta

Chief, Vaccine Immunology Laboratory, National Institute

of Immunology

Dr. Prasad Chodavarapu.jpg

Dr. Prasad Chodavarapu

Managing Director,


Dr. Aridni Shah.jpg

Dr. Aridni Shah

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, immunitoAI

Dr. Anurag Rathore.jpg

Dr. Anurag Rathore

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi

Dr. Rahul Purwar.jpg

Dr. Rahul Purwar

Associate Professor, Department of Biosciences & Bioengineering, IIT Bombay and founder & CEO of ImmunoACT

Dr. Sanjeev Gupta.jpg

Dr. Sanjeev Gupta

Vice President & Head-Advanced Biotech (Biosimilar), IPCA Laboratories

Dr. Ratnesh Jain.jpg

Dr. Ratnesh Jain

Professor, Institute of

Chemical Technology

dr prakiti.jpg

Dr. Prakriti Tayalia

Associate Professor, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Bombay

Dr. Sarika Mehra.jpg

Dr. Sarika Mehra

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering,

IIT Bombay

ravi mishra.jpg

Dr. Ravi Mishra

Head Vaccines & Biotherapeutics, CSIR-IMTECH

Ganesh vedantam.jpeg

Dr. Ganesh Vedantham

SVP, Technical Development



Dr. Mahesh Bhalgat


Dr. Debjani Paul

Professor, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Bombay


Dr. Sudheerbabu Soorapaneni

Annu_Uppal pic.jpg

Dr. Anu Uppal

Senior Scientific Affairs Manager, United States Pharmacopeia (USP)-India

Dr prajakta dandekar.jpg

Dr. Prajakta Dandekar

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology (DPST), Institute of Chemical Technology


Dr. Anurag Tiwari




Jatin kothari.jpg

Dr. Jatin Kothari

Director, Nephrology,

Hinduja Healthcare

Screenshot (287)_edited.jpg

Dr. Hasmukh Jain

Professor, Medical Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital

dr ashish bakshi.jpg

Dr. Ashish Bakshi

Medical Oncologist, Hiranandani Hospital

Ashish ranjan.jpg

Dr. Ashish Ranjan

Vice President,

Kotak Private Equity

Screenshot (309)_edited.jpg

Mr. Ashish Venkataramani

Partner, Eight Roads Ventures

Ms ritu verma.jpg

Ms. Ritu Verma

Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Ankur Capital

Screenshot (307)_edited.jpg

Vishesh Rajaram

Managing Partner,

Speciale Invest


Dr. Neena Chitnis

Department of Rheumatology, Lilawati Hospital

nidhi mathur.jpg

Ms. Nidhi Mathur

Axilor Labs

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